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Dear Alumni,

Please find the Jubilee invitation attached with the event details with its timings. We appeal all of you to make this Golden Jubilee celebration a memorable event of our life.

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Also the following teachers are invited for the Golden jubilee celebrations for felicitation and almost all agreed to come for the event. We gave our maximum to collect old teacher’s numbers but missed few. If anybody know any other teachers details and contact numbers please forward to us, to include all in the program.

Dr CVVR Sreedhar

We are on the threshold of a landmark in the history of St. Joseph's High School, Nagarjuna Sagar - THE GOLDEN JUBILEE on 8th August, 2015. It indeed is a moment of glory and grace. You need no other cause but come together as alumni to your alma mater.

Dedicated team work by the Management, Staff, Parents and children over the years, has resulted in bringing the school to its present position of prominence.

The institution has done a lot for your precious growth from a four year kid to an illustrious young person, and now its your turn to express your love and affection for your deared School by participating in our Golden Jubilee Celebrations 8th August, 2015.

Please register yourself on School website and proceed with the Golden Jubilee Registration Process.

Please pass this upcoming event's details to all your school friends and make this event a memorable one in our lives.

Appeal to old students of St Josephs High School, Hill colony, Nagarjuna Sagar.

Dear Friends,

Fifty golden years of our school have rolled by the powerful patronages of St. Josephs High School teachers and staff. Thousands of students I believe have discovered treasures of comfort and solace in that holy place. Certainly you also one among those who passed out from that school and enjoying fruits of life because of hard works of our dedicated teachers and staff.

Gratitude is mother of all virtues. Time has come to express our gratitude towards the school. I feel all the teachers need a grand felicitation for their hard work in the school and school itself needs a boost with all of us behind. Some of us individually and batch wise made contributions to school. All of us have tons of love on school and teachers and now the time has come to show how much we love the school and how much we admire our beloved teachers. I request in this golden jubilee year on August 8th 2015 (Saturday), we gather together at school and recollect all our old golden memories in that holy place and show our gratitude to the school. As one of the old student I appeal to make this Golden Jubilee celebration a memorable event of our life.

To organize the function I request all of you to shoulder the responsibility to some extent. We seek your support to successfully celebrate this event together in a most memorable way and to elevate school. Let us put up our united effort to uplift the school and make the school a centre of excellence for education for future generations also. We eagerly wait to meet you at Golden Jubilee function.

Registration fee details
Registration Fee:Rs 1000/- (Individually or with family can attend)
A/c No:1192101013777
A/c Name:Vijayapuri Josephites Foundation
Bank:Canara Bank, Nagarjuna sagar
IFSC Code:CNRB 0001192
Last Date for registration:15.06.2015

We would prefer to have Alumni Registration done before Golden Jubilee Registration fees payment. The details of the payment made through Cash/Cheque or Online

Mode of Payment
A. Online Payment
If you would like to pay through online, soon after your payment is successful you can proceed with either of below two ways.
1. Register yourself under School website <Alumni Login Page> and Login to fill up your transaction details under <Golden Jubilee Registration Details Page>. Your ticket will be emailed to you on your login email address once after verification.
2. SMS your transaction code to below numbers in this format "VJFGJ <NAME> <BATCH> <EMAIL> <NEFT/RTGS_TRANSACTION_NUMBER>". Your ticket will be emailed to you on your email address mentioned in SMS once after verification.
B. Cash
Pay Cash directly in any Canara Bank branch and keep the counter foil with you. This should be shown on the day of Golden Jubilee and collect your Ticket from School Management
C. Cheque
Register Post us your Account Payee Cheque in the name of "Vijayapuri Josephites Foundation" and disclose your Chequeu No. to collect your Ticket from School Management
Approximate estimation for the celebrations (1000+ gathering)
Lunch and snacks - 250000/-
Teachers felicitation (70+ teachers) - 100000/-
Token gift of participation with school memories - 100000/- (only for registered members)
Other expenses - 75000/-

Surplus amount after the expenditure and bulk donations (batch wise or individually) will be donated to school for improvement of infra structures.

The special memories with the school with the teachers or friends (photos, stories or poems) can be shared on mail to stjosephshighschool@gmail.com

Please pass on message to all your friends, brothers and sisters, who are passed out from the school.

For any clarification please contact:
1) Mrs. Anuradha (Teacher)9441119583
2) Mr. Hanumakumar (Teacher)9441339226
3) Dr CVVR Sreedhar8008204295
4) V Ananth kumar9490142434


The Old Students Association (VJF) has Initiated (VIJAYA SANKALPAM) to improve the school with the united participation of all their emerged students of 50 batches. Hence it is pledged to all old students to come forward with your wider heart in to a fruitful contribution at the earliest.


Gratitude is mother of all virtues. Time has come to express our gratitude towards the school. Certain of school activities are sluggish because the management alone is unable to sustain, the ongoing demands of modern education. The school still has many requirements -- new as well as renewal of the old, the refurbishment of the school-- to be met on a continuing basis for which the management budgetary support is grossly inadequate. Let us shoulder the responsibility to some extent. We seek your charity to elevate school to national standards. Let us put up our united effort to uplift the school and make the school a centre of excellence for education in both states and in India. Old students individually in name of their beloved ones or along with siblings or batch medium wise or batch wise can group and plan for the activities.

Due to the absence of updated database of contact details we are unable to reachout to individual alumni. It is our sincere request to every alumni who reaches this to spread the word and donate generously to accomplish our project. Your presence and participation in the golden jubilee celebration will mean a lot to us.

Project details:

A) Construction of Golden jubilee pylon
B) Construction of Golden jubilee wall
1) Construction of golden jubilee wall with History and achievements of school in last 50 yrs (academic, cultural and sports).

2) Construction of golden jubilee wall with names of all helping hands helped in uplifting the school

C) Academic activity development
1) Class rooms
a. Renovation of existing class rooms to modern classrooms with dust free Green boards
{Approximate expenditure for class Rs 7500/- (Seven thousand five hundred rupees) and total number of class rooms approximately 30 (Each one can contribute to one class room)}

b. Conversion of two existing class rooms into DIGITAL class rooms (Primary section and secondary section – one each).
{Approximate cost for each digital class room including renovation cost, furniture, smart board / Projector screen, wireless internet access point / wired Ethernet ports, power outlets, 30 chairs, podium for instructor, HDMI projector and sound system and a laptop or desktop Rs 500000/- (Five lakh rupees)}

c. Renovation of Kinder garden section
{Approximate estimation Rs Rs 100000/- (One lakh)}

2) Library
a. Renovation of existing library with new racks and benches
{Approximate estimation Rs 100000/- (One lakh rupees)}

b. Digitalization of library
{Approximate cost of education CDs and Computers with printer Rs 150000/- (One lakh fifty thousands)

3) Labs
a. Set up of Math lab
{Approximate estimation Rs 100000/- (One lakh) with all models and activity material}

b. Renovation of Science lab
{Approximate estimation Rs 100000/- (One lakh) with all models and activity material}

c. Renovation of Computer lab with 30 computers and networking
{Approximate estimation Rs 750000/- (Seven lakh fifty thousand) with the required cabinets. Each one can contribute one computer}

D) Cultural activity development
a. Keeping in mind the future needs and renovation of school, the existing stage needed to be shifted to new location with all amenities. A large and sophisticated stage is on cards. One of our old student came forward in this regard for construction of stage at new location in name of her father and hope our golden jubilee celebrations will glitter on new stage. Architecture designing is in progress.
{Approximate estimation 400000/- (four lakh) for construction of stage}

b. Audio and lighting system for stage
{Approximate estimation 150000/- (One lakh fifty thousand)}

c. Renovation of music, dance and other fine arts rooms
{Approximate estimation 100000/- (One lakh)}

E) Sports activity development
1) Construction of Basket ball court with concrete bed
{Approximate estimation Rs 700000/- (Seven lakh)}

2) Provision for Indoor games with sports material
{Approximate estimation Rs Rs 750000/- (Seven lakh fifty thousand)}

3) All Indoor and outdoor sports kits and materials
{Approximate estimation Rs Rs 100000/- (One lakh)}

F) Miscellaneous
1) CCTV surveillance and monitoring of school for safety of child
{Approximate estimation Rs Rs 150000/- (One lakh fifty thousand) with 6 -7 cameras and recording HD}

2) Pure drinking water supply and sanitation improvement in school
{Approximate estimation Rs 100000/- (One lakh) for UV purified drinking water and Rs 200000/- (Two lakh) for sanitation improvement}

3) Creation of Web site
{Approximate estimation with 10 yrs maintenance (web site with student portal, alumni page) Rs 60000/- (Sixty thousands). Sri K. Sangeetha D/o Anuradha Teacher has developed the website and sponsoring the project}

Please contact our VJF members for any queries on the above mentioned.

Our School Bank account details:
Account Name: Vijayapuri Josephites Foundation
Account No: 1192 1010 13777
Bank: Canara Bank, Nagarjuna Sagar
IFSC Code: CNRB0001192